Even since I first came down to the Jersey shore in 1988 for the fist time I been fascinated by Asbury Park. My only reference to this somewhat mysterious and at that point little known town was Bruce Springsteen. His 1970’s Working Class Anthems were overflowing with referenced to this city by the sea. Other then Springsteen songs I knew virtually nothing about New Jersey or Asbury Park.

My ex wife Cynthia brought me down to the Jersey Shore for the fist time in late eighties when Asbury Park was a desolate run down and forgotten by time. Even while its was somewhat scary place there was a certain beauty and a sense of romanticism that I instantly feel in love with. Its been over 30 years since that first visit the city which I now call my home continues to fascinate me. I recently discovered perhaps little know fact that the mighty Led Zeppelin one of the worlds great Rock and Roll bands played in Asbury Park in 1969.

In fact through some conversations with local long time residents I found out that Led Zepp skipped out on playing the 1969 Woodstock festival in favor of playing a 2 night gig at the Convention Center right on the beach In Asbury Park. The thought of hearing Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love thundering through the concrete halls with the sound of the ocean splashing in the background must have been a night to remember. Maybe the bands song The Ocean which remains one of their very best and most memorable riffs was written with Asbury Park in mind. One will never know. Or their the song Down By The Seaside also comes to mind. It’s funny to think that Asbury Park might have played as inspiration for these legendary Rockers. I proud to think that Jimmy Page and me have something in common, we both chose to be in Asbury Park when it really mattered.